Ms sql 2008 видеоуроки

ms sql 2008 видеоуроки

This feature is explained in the next section. Conditions are the values that are allowed for the properties of a facet, the configuration settings, or other events contained within that facet. Orders GROUP BY GROUPING SETS custid, empid, YEAR orderdate , custid, YEAR orderdate , empid, YEAR orderdate , ; The grouping sets defined in this query are custid, empid, YEAR orderdate , custid, YEAR orderdate , empid, YEAR orderdate , and. The main purpose of the TODATETIMEOFFSET function is to convert types that are not time zone aware to DATETIMEOFFSET by the given time zone offset. Compressed data in memory results in increased memory utilization, which benefits the scalability of many systems.New Data Types The four new date and time data types provide a split between date and time, support for a larger date range, improved accuracy, and support for a time zone element. You can use the ToString method to get a more logical string representation of the value, which shows the path with a slash sign used as a separator between the levels. Sparse columns consume no storage for NULLs, even with fixed-length types; however, when a column is marked as sparse, storage of non-NULL values becomes more expensive than usual.

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MS SQL Server 2008 Express установка и настройка
ms sql 2008 видеоуроки

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SQL Server 2008 offers several new query processor improvements for when the query interacts with partitioned tables. There is no other difference between these packages. Visit his blog at. SQL Server 2008 offers many improvements for the practice of database mirroring.

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